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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Surveys, Contests, Coupons & more.

Polls & Surveys

20+ Types of Questions, Skip-Logic, Photos, Videos, #Hashtags & more.

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Contests & Promotions

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Voting, Trivia & more.

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Twitter, Facebook, Video, Trivia, Email & more. Online/Offline coupons.

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Hello Agencies & Social Media Consultants!

Offer 63 Squares to your clients under your own brand.

  • Agency Managed: You create and manage the campaigns on behalf of your clients.
  • Client Managed: A branded copy of 63 Squares. Your clients create and manage their campaigns directly.
  • Licensed 63 Squares: We give you the code. You run with it.

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